I'm Still Doing Art

2017-04-07 14:04:49 by Slum-Tan











I'm working on a few projects and will be announcing them soon-ish. I'm going to try to keep up on online presence as much as I can. It's been a real busy past few months but I can finally get to focus on my work so that's pretty exciting! Above is a new short SFW loop I made just to get back in swing of things. 

Things to expect to see:

1 Adult Game Series 

1 Safe For Game 

Weekly Doodle Dumps

Some other updates. 


Stay tuned for more updates I promise I'm going to do better at being more consistent with my releases. 



Game Update

2016-10-09 18:50:07 by Slum-Tan

5894670_147605320541_cybrdsrimg.pngNew Update on game project over on my PATREON go check it out!!

Other Non-game related news

I've got 2 new animations in the works that will be ready soonish. With Cyberdesries, work, and school all thrown in the mix I've kinda been spread a little thin. Never worry though as smut will be headed your way!! :3 


I'm Not Dead!!!

2016-09-12 20:20:10 by Slum-Tan


New Game Staring Production!!!!!!!

For  those of you wondering where the hell I've been since my last update I've been busy working.

Updates and early access will be on my Patreon and once the game is done is will be avalible for download for free. 


Sorry for the delays

2016-06-18 13:51:25 by Slum-Tan

I've been real busy with life at the moment. I'm getting ready to move to a new place and I just started a new job. I've got like 2 new animations in the works and will try to finish them when I can.